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I've been writing more for [ profile] bitesize_bones than I've written for anything in a long while, which is saying something.

So, for your perusal, several Bones tidbits (now with proper editing)!

Only A Moment
Originally found HERE

There was a buoyant feeling throughout the lab. Another case solved, another set of bones put to rest. It didn't hurt that it was a Friday, and the weekend (Cam knocked on wood) looked to be clear sailing. She watched from the walkway as Hodgins and Angela met and began to talk as they walked out.

"Now there is an interesting couple." The voice came from her left, and Cam turned to see Dr. Sweets echoing her position on the railing. He nodded his head at Angela and Hodgins.

"They're not a couple anymore, Dr. Sweets." Her voice was mild, and Sweets quirked an eyebrow in her general direction.

"Really? 'Cause I see two people who are still very close to each other. And," he pauses, seeming a little puzzled. "Even closer than they were a few weeks ago. Hm. Look at their body language. See? Angela turns completely towards him, her eyes focus on his face...every movement Hodgins makes is directed towards her. They're insular. A couple, even though they aren't dating anymore." Cam nods. She does see it, and she suspects she knows what had Angela and Hodgins closer than they've been since the breakup.

"I suppose it's just a matter of time before I'm having to chase them out of any room with a security camera in it again." Sweets laughs quietly as the lab doors slide open, and Hodgins guides Angela out, his arm lingering on the small of her back.

Almost immediately Cam catches sight of a dark head of hair and a strong back. He's taken his jacket off, and loosened his tie, and if she knows him, the tie will be completely gone by the time he hits the car.

"Now there is an interesting subject." Cam rolls her eyes.

"I have never seen two people who are so completely clueless about one another." She feels Sweets lean a little closer.

"I don't know about that. Booth is a very perceptive man. Even from here you can see his eyes light up." Sure enough Dr. Brennan comes into view, and Booth's face cracks into a wide grin. "He knows what he wants, he's just waiting for her to realize it." Cam shook her head.

"They're both completely and utterly stubborn. I couldn't stand it if I were him."

"I don't know, Dr. Saroyan. He clearly feels that she's some that's worth waiting for."

"I'm more of the...aggressive type, Dr. Sweets." She shoots him a wicked grin, teeth flashing, and he smiles back. She isn't sure if it's supposed to be winning, but it's certainly earnest.

"That's the closest thing to true love I think I've ever encountered. Isn't true love worth a little patience?"

"Isn't true love something worth fighting for?" she counters.

"Cam... may I call you Cam?" She glances down at her watch and back up.
"Only because as of five minutes ago, it's the weekend." They smile at each other, their eyes meet, and they're much closer than either of them remembers starting out.

She blinks. Sweets blinks, his smile fading a little, his face paling. Their heads snap back to the tableau of the lab.

"Did we just...have a moment?"

"Only a moment, Dr. Sweets." There might be a faint blush on his cheeks, and she might be feeling a little embarrassed. "I trust that it won't happen again?"

"God, I hope not." Together, but not too close together, they watch as Booth laughs and grabs Dr. Brennan by the hand, pulling her towards the doors, coaxing a smile and a laugh from her.

Originally found HERE

His headache had been growing since the school had called him at one o'clock. By the time he'd shut his apartment door and thrown his keys onto the counter, it was throbbing against his skull. He deeply regretted the hearing that he'd been forced to continue to attend, and even more so regretted that disobeying the judge's order to remain wouldn't have managed to get him home any faster.

His head pounded, and what he wanted to do was get more Advil and make sure that his son was all right. Come to think of it, after his forceful entry, his apartment was still unnaturally quiet. There was a pot on the stove, though the burner was off. Cautiously, Booth moved around apartment. There were two bowls of half finished soup on the coffee table, and as Booth rounded the couch, he had to stop suddenly.

There was an almost tangible pain in his heart as he looked at his son. The late afternoon sunlight streamed through the window and rested on him and Bones curled together on the couch, one of her arms wrapped securely around Parker. Their mouths were both open, and Brennan (though he'd never tell her) had a little bit of drool on her sleeve. They were sleeping the sleep of the truly exhausted, and Booth was loathe to wake them.

He smiled and got himself some water and Advil, and sat down on the floor in front of the pair. It wasn't long until his head was lolling back, and his snores joined the gentle breathing of his son and his Bones.


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