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Another installment for [ profile] bitesize_bones.

I would highly recommend checking them out...very fun folks, and really great creative environment. Not to mention they're doing a great job of keeping the hiatus interesting!

Originally found HERE

"Bones. You have to. It's tradition!"

"Booth, I have no idea what you're talking about. Just because you dictate that something is 'traditional' doesn't actually mean that is carries the social and cultural clout behind it to make it a re--"

"Bones, I assure you. There is plenty of clout behind this tradition, and it's very real. I mean, it's Wayne's World."

"I don't even know what that is."

"Doesn't matter. I've got the CD, and it's road trip protocol. Are you ready?"

"No I am most certainly not ready; I have no idea what you're talking about. How can I possibly be rea--"

"Too bad, here it goes! Is the real liiiiife, is this just just faaaaantasy. Caught in a--I can't hear you singing, Bones."

" escape from reality..."

Found out
Originally found HERE

"Brennan!" She looked up from her computer as Angela all but stormed into her office, pausing long enough to shut the door with rather more force that Brennan thought strictly necessary before throwing herself into the chair across from Brennan. Her arms were crossed, her brow furrowed. Brennan wasn't an expert, but Angela appeared to by mad. "Sweetie, how could you not tell me you made out with Booth!"

"It wasn't salient, Angela. It was just for the completion of a...a deal. A barter with Ms. Julian. She and I agreed on mutually beneficial exchange of favors that happened to result in me having to kiss Booth. There was nothing sexual behind it. And we didn't...make out." Angela raised a brow at her friend's defensive tone.

"That's not what Miss Julian said, and I'm pretty sure that she had a front row view of it. She said there were tongues, Bren. Tongues. You made Miss Julian flustered. That had to have been some kiss."

"It was...for the barter." Angela's eyebrow remained raised. "It was...acceptable." Her foot tapped and Brennan's defensive posture wilted just a little. "It was well more than adequate." Angela smirked.

"It was fantastic, wasn't it?" Brennan couldn't help it. Her smirked matched Angela's. "Oh sweetie..." Angela stood and gave her a hug. "Come on. We're going for coffee, and you can tell me all about it."


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