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Title: The Things We Do
Pairing: Draco/Ginny
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: T, for slight raciness, I suppose. A swear word or more.
Warning: All mistakes are mine. I think I caught a good deal of them, but there may be some missing words, tense wonkiness, and rampant comma abuse. My apologies.

When Pansy first told her that she was going to be in the wedding party (and it was told, mind you), Ginny thought that her hearing must be going, and that perhaps Pansy had been in the firewhiskey again. When she was informed that she was going to be Ron's "Best Maid," and that, as such, she would be expected to wear a tux, Ginny put her foot down. Forcefully, and with a rather lot of...spirited negotiating.

Thanks in part to Ginny's observation that, if she had to be Ron's Best Maid and wear a tux, then Draco, who Pansy had selected to be "Man of Honor," would logically need to be put into a dress, and in part to the bottle of Ogden's that the two women killed, a compromise was reached. Ginny didn't particularly want to be Ron's Best Maid. She, along with everyone else, had assumed that he'd pick Harry. But Pansy had insisted that Draco be her Man of Honor, which meant that Harry and Draco would be escorting each other down the isle, which Ron and Pansy learned quickly, was not going to happen, no matter how hard they pleaded. Since there was no budging Pansy either, Harry was regulated from Best Man to groomsman, and Ginny suddenly found herself in the wedding party, and unwittingly on Draco's radar for the first time in almost ten years.


She quickly learned one night, when a haggard looking Draco showed up on her doorstep, that while she had to do very little to keep her brother happy, Pansy was unsurprisingly not as easy to please.

"She wants...I don't know. An engagement party and a wedding shower, and a bachelorette party, and--" He looked desperate and a little bit terrified, and Ginny just rolled her eyes back and let him in, somewhat against her better judgment.

"Surely you have other bridesmaids that you can talk to this stuff about. Right?" she asked after setting him down on her comfy but worn sofa with a warm mug of tea. He shrugged, taking a sip.

"Technically yes. But I find that every time I try to pull them together to discuss these things, it turns into an estrogen fest, filled with naught but squealing and giggling, and nothing gets done," he grumped. Ginny attempted to hide her snort of amusement behind her own mug, but failed. He shot her a glare.

"Be that as it may," she smiled. "What do you expect me to do about it?" He shot her what she knew he thought was a pleading, kicked puppy dog look.

"Help me?"

"You are pathetic," she rolled her eyes back once again, but there's a smile on her face as she says it, and she scoots closer to him on the couch. "I'll do it, but on one condition." He's caught by the mischief in her eyes and the glint of the table lamp on her red locks, and says something very stupid, and very un-Slytherin.

"Anything." Her smile widens before he realizes that it's too late to backpedal without looking extremely unmanly. Her voice is soft and (he thinks he might be imagining it) seductive as she whispers,

"You get to help me plan the bachelor party."

"You," he murmurs back, "are a complete witch."


There are days when she definitely regretted letting Draco talk her into this. Mostly times when the five girls Pansy had insisted comprise her wedding party decided that their input was completely necessary. She was pretty certain that dealing with the details of her brother's bachelor party would have been a lot less of a hassle in the long run. Draco meanwhile, couldn't help but admire the way that she calmly took their suggestions and nods and smiles, and then continued planning what she was doing all along. It smacked of a deviousness that he hadn't known the littlest Weasley possessed, and every time she delegated some minor task to one of the girls, he felt his heart jump a little. When she showed up on his doorstep looking haggard, and demanded that he start taking her to dinner because "nothing is worth dealing with these girls," he merely smirked and offered his arm.



The engagement party went off without a hitch, and Ginny couldn't help but feel a little bit of pride when Pansy gushed over the flower arrangements and the catering. She didn't anticipate the way that Pansy took her aside later, carefully looking around before whispering, "Thank you." She'd anticipated Draco taking the credit, and couldn't stop the small feeling of warmth worming its way through her guts at the knowledge that he hadn't.

"He told you?" Pansy smirked faintly.

"He did, but he didn't have to. No man would have thought to have a mixture of my favorite flowers, but in Ron's favorite color." Ginny blushed. She had particularly liked that touch, and enjoyed the chance to try out the floral enchantment Neville had told her about.

"Well, I'm glad that I could help out."

"Me too." Pansy's smirk was more a smile this time around, and Ginny felt like maybe she understood her future sister-in-law a little bit better. "I'd better run before Ron starts panicking." If her departure coincided with the arrival of Draco and a glass of champagne, Ginny certainly didn't think anything of it. He handed it off, and clinked her glass gently.

"To a successful night," he murmured. She grinned up at him.

"One down, two to go for me. Ron's bachelor party better be some kind of amazing as a payment for all my hard work." He grinned back at her, the movement lighting up his whole face, and for a moment she felt her heart stutter to a stop.

"It will be a show stopper, don't you fear." Her heart thumped back into life as his words sunk in.

"You had better not get my brother in trouble," she warned.

"Weaslette. Ginny. Would I do such a thing?"

"Yes. Emphatically. Don't forget that Pansy still has two parties that need my...feminine touch." He chuckled.

"Oh yes, you are an evil witch."

"You love it."


There's more pressure for the wedding shower, and Ginny found that the henpecking of Pansy's bridesmaids only became worse the closer the wedding date drew. She went for a theme, and was shocked to realize that halfway through planning the Portkeys and arranging for enchanted tents and a mile-long stretch of white sandy beach to be cleared and spelled to repel Muggles, she's actually starting to enjoy this. Though it would be a cold day in hell before she admitted it to anyone, least of all to Draco, who was starting to get a speculative look in his eye whenever he popped over to cajole her out of the apartment for food or a change of scenery.

She had a chip halfway into her mouth, and the sun was beating down warmly on them when he said,

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" She started, and used the chip to try and buy some time, but there was only so long that she could keep chewing the same piece of potato, and shoveling another two or twelve into her mouth was definitely going to look suspicious.

"Of course. It's a gorgeous day out, and Gus's makes the best fish and chips." He shot her a look that clearly stated he knew what she was trying to do here, and he wasn't buying it for one single moment. He swiped one of her chips, and laughed at her disgruntled look. "Ok," she conceded, refusing to meet his eyes. "There's the faint chance that I don't completely hate this. But," she warned, shaking a chip at him, "that doesn't mean that you're going to get out of your end of the deal, Malfoy." To her surprise, he snapped at the jiggling chip, snatching it from her fingers.

"I wouldn't dream of it, Weasley." She was a little shaken from the closeness of the moment, but she recovered admirably.

"Good. Now, what do you think about the catering?"


Pansy and Ron were both completely flabbergasted when the Portkey they received on their doorstep dumped them onto sun-warmed sand and they were presented with night air and an over abundance of floating witchlights. A gentle breeze twisted through gauze drenched tents filled with food, drink, and presents, all to a low hum of friends chatting and waves washing against the shoreline. It was, in a word, magical. Ginny didn't even bother to stop the pleased smile that stretched across her face. There was something incredibly satisfying about watching the normally composed Pansy gape and, if she wasn't mistaken--

"Is Pansy crying?"

"Yes, but if you tell her I told you, she will have my balls." Draco's voice came from nowhere and danced everywhere around her ears, and Ginny started, shivering in a way that she tried to convince herself had everything to do with the beachy breeze, and nothing at all to do with how close Draco was or the warmth of his breath on the back of her neck.

"Well then," she exhaled, cursing the shakiness in her voice. "I suppose that just wouldn't do." He chuckled, and she felt it.

"I would definitely rather keep all of my bits intact, thank you. But still," his voice dropped and was definitely sliding along her ear now. "I can't really blame her. You really did outdo yourself on this." She tried to release some of the tension that had gathered in her shoulders, freezing her to her spot. Perhaps she had set the scene a little too romantically, she thought desperately. It was completely ridiculous to be reacting like a scared, hormonal teenager in the face of a little candlelight and a beach and a (sexy) warm male body. Especially one she'd come to regard rather highly in the last couple of months. She felt a heavy warmth settle over her shoulders, and she blinked, turning around to meet his gaze finally. He shrugged elegantly, the sleeves of his button down rolled up slightly. "You looked a cold."

She didn't bother to stop the smile that spread across her lips when she took his proffered arm, and she definitely didn't relish in the scent of him lingering on his blazer, now wrapped around her as they moved to meet the engaged couple.


There was naught but a month left before the wedding when she opened her door to find Pansy there, grinning delightedly.

"It's dress time," she stated with a finality that left Ginny whirling, and sent her back in time for a brief moment to the start of this whole thing. Before she could protest, she was already out of the apartment, and standing in front of Lady Lucretia's Luscious Wedding Wear.

"Shouldn't you be picking this kind of thing out with your bridesmaids?" Ginny made the attempt to protest. Pansy snorted delicately.

"Everyone else has their dresses picked out. I wanted you to have something a little different." Ginny flushed slightly.

"Are you sure? I'm really fine wearing whatever..."

"Nonsense. Draco isn't expected to wear the same thing as the other groomsmen, so there's no reason for you just to blend in with the bridesmaids." Something glinted by the boutique's window, and drew Ginny's gaze. Pansy followed her eyes. "Oh, Ginny." Pansy cleared her throat, and two different attendants materialized out of the clothing racks silently. "We will try that one on," she commanded imperially, and Ginny found herself hustled into a dressing room that must have been at least twice the size of her childhood bedroom with the dress in question and one of the attendants.

"Oh, um. That's really not necessary. I can do it--" She was certain that the attendant had been carefully schooled in how to ignore a customer at all the right moments, because she stuck like a burr to Ginny's side, assisting in ways that Ginny didn't even know one could assist a person into and out of clothing. Before she knew it, she'd been gently stuffed into the dress, heels had been put on her feet, and her hair had been charmed into a fetching up-do. She fleetingly wondered if she could get that particular charm from the attendant before the curtain was thrown back, and Ginny was faced with a very enthusiastic Pansy and several full length mirrors.

She had to concede that the dress, which had looked pretty fetching on the mannequin, looked even better on her. The chartreuse color suited her in a way that she'd not thought possible, bringing out flecks of hazel in her brown eyes and making her hair seem an even deeper red.

"Ron wouldn't let me pick Slytherin green," Pansy pouted from the sidelines. "This was our compromise, and I have to admit that I'm glad we went with it. You look stunning." Ginny flushed slightly, and the dress made even that look becoming. Jeweled beading lined the top of the sleeveless corset, and another matching swatch gathered at her hip. She marveled at the way it flared and complimented her narrow waist and wider hips without making her butt look huge.

"This dress has to be witched. There's no way it can be this flattering. Or is it the mirrors?" she asked Pansy accusingly, even as she swished the skirt back and forth. Pansy chortled.

"Nope. That's the magic of quality clothing, and tailoring charms. I think we found your dress, wouldn't you agree?" Ginny started to nod before she thought to ask price. Pansy nodded decisively. "We'll take it," she proclaimed, and Ginny was thrown into another whirlwind of activity in which the dress disappeared, her clothing reappeared, and her hair was let back down and out. Before she could fully register what was happening, she was handed a wrapped parcel and Pansy was looking far too satisfied for Ginny's peace of mind.

"How much do I owe you for the dress?" she finally managed to ask after Pansy had whisked her away for a late lunch. Pansy stopped mid sip of her mid-afternoon margarita.

"Owe? Darling, you don't owe me anything." Ginny raised a suspicious eyebrow.

"I can't possibly let you buy me a dress for your own wedding."

"Oh, don't worry about it. I didn't buy you anything."


"That was all Draco, darling." Pansy hid her smirk poorly as Ginny choked on her own margarita.


The dress hung from her bedroom door for the last month before the wedding. Ginny terrified of it getting even slightly wrinkled. Every time she looked at it (which was a lot, despite her best intentions), she couldn't help but be reminded of Draco. They'd not seen a lot of each other recently. When Ginny wasn't working, she was struggling to plan a bachelorette party that would actually remain memorable in the face of the sheer amount of alcohol that Pansy could consume, but would also bring the Aurors down on their heads. She suspected that Draco was doing the same for Ron's bachelor party. At least, she hoped he was.

It surprised her how much she missed the way that he'd show up at her door and drag her out for food or drinks, completely disregarding her protests. She missed the way that they could banter and bandy ideas back and forth with comfortable ease. She spent several days wondering if he was attempting to avoid her. After all, it was just one little bachelor party he had to plan, and she was on her third bout of intensive party planning. Finally, after catching herself staring at the dress for the hundredth time that day, she squared her shoulders and rolled her eyes back.

"I am being ridiculous," she announced to her apartment before grabbing her keys and handbag.

Draco wasn't expecting the heavy knock on his door, nor the enticing smell of his favorite sweet and sour pork when he opened the door. He didn't, but he realized that he really should have, expect Ginny either, but there she was looking charmingly bedraggled.

"I didn't think it was going to rain," she mumbled, holding out the take out. He grabbed it, and let her pass, dripping slightly onto his foyer. She whipped out her wand, and performed a drying charm before she'd meet his eyes. "Dinner?" she asked belatedly, her smile a little sheepish and crooked. He returned it.

"Of course. How can I possibly refuse the irresistible smell of sweet and sour pork?"

"You can't, obviously," she shot back, already moving into his kitchen. She had the plates out as he set the food down and moved to get glasses. They were plunked down in front of the Wireless before either of them thought much about it. Two bites into her beef and broccoli, and she has started watching him out of the corner of her eye, before she blurted out, "Have you been avoiding me?" He narrowly avoided choking on a potsticker.

"What? No. What in the hell gave you that impression?" She shrugged, making a valiant attempt at nonchalance.

"I don't know. Usually we eat more meals together. I haven't really seen much of you in the last week or two." She was pretty sure that that couldn't be a blush staining his cheekbones.

"I figured that you didn't want any distractions planning the bachelorette party, and I've been trying to get the stuff together for the bachelor party..." She narrowed her eyes. It was what she figured, but she still got the feeling that it was more of an excuse than anything.

"Oh. It's just that you apparently bought me that dress, and I haven't heard more than three words from you since then." He did choke this time, ale spewing a little bit from his nose. He glared at her and her timing even as she tried not laugh too much at him. He took the proffered napkin and wiped his face and the table down. "I'm not mad," she clarified. "I was a little startled at first, but really I'm more confused than anything. I could have bought the dress. I'm not dirt poor anymore, you know."

Draco sighed. He'd been furious when Pansy had told him she's told Ginny who picked up her dress. He was hoping to keep it an anonymous gift, or just let her think Pansy or her brother had picked it up.

"I know you could have gotten it," he admitted. "I really just wanted to give you something to say thank you for your help. Planning your brother's party is really not nearly compensation enough for all that you've done." She quirked her lips at him.

"It was very sweet of you," she said. "I never said thank you."

"You didn't need to. Besides," he said, smirking at her. "I didn't think that you'd accept the gift that I'd wanted to give you." Ginny raised an eyebrow.

"Which was?" Draco just smiled with what he was convinced was a mysterious smile. To Ginny it just looked smug and like something she wanted to wipe off his face.

"I don't think I'm going to tell you."

"What?! Draco, come on!" His smirk widened, and she had to repress the very real physical urge to hit him until he told her. It was a tactic that had worked on her brothers, but she didn't know how it might fair against Malfoy. "Pleeeease?"

"Tempting," She was definitely pouting now, though it seemed to lack any particular effect other than causing Draco to laugh at her.

"You are insufferable," she muttered darkly.

"It's a gift," he replied archly. She snorted and flicked a piece of rice at his face, where it stuck.


Flushed and still laughing periodically, it took them almost a half an hour to clean up the sacrificed rice.

"You're still insufferable," she said even as they settled back down on the overstuffed couch together with the intent of picking each other's brains for party ideas.

"You love it." She shivered briefly at his voice. She was afraid that she really did.


The bachelorette party, despite her stress over it, went off with far fewer hitches than Ginny had, she felt, reasonably expected. Given the factors of a drunken Pansy, and then at least ten other women in varying degrees of inebriation and a public place, Ginny was definitely pleased with the results. With the help of Draco's name, Ginny had managed to secure the entirety of The Caledara, the newest, hippest club spot to open up in the wizarding world since, Ginny was informed, ever. DJs were hired, insane amounts of liquor were obtained, and Pansy got to play Queen of the Nightclub for a whole evening.

It was a little disturbing how much Pansy enjoyed it, in fact. Ginny tried not to dwell on it, instead sipping on her martini and taking the whole thing in. At this point, she might as well have been Pansy's Maid of Honor. She was surprised that the idea no longer made her vaguely ill, and more so that she was actually looking forward (not that she'd ever, ever admit it to anyone) to having Pansy as her sister-in-law.

"Ginny!" The shrill call of her future sister cut through the pounding bass, and Ginny obligingly made her way to the stage where Pansy was ensconced in something tight and shiny, a glittering crown perched on her head, and something fruity in a glass the size of her head. "You are my new Best Friend," she stated with a finality strictly reserved for toddlers and drunks. Ginny smiled and nodded, and thought that maybe Draco owed her a little more than that dress. Then again, she hadn't really wanted to be the only girl in a crowd of Quidditch-crazed drunk men, either, so perhaps they could call this one even.

It was four in the morning before she managed to get everyone herded out of the club and get Pansy home and in bed. She met Draco dragging a giggling and giddy version of her brother home just as she'd been leaving and with a good natured eye roll, she helped get him into bed too. Draco made the attempt to not stare at her club attire as they locked up behind them. Her skirt was shiny and distractingly short and clingy. The top draped loosely over her ample cleavage, and though she was not a tall woman, the heeled boots she wore did everything in their power to convince Draco that those legs were, in fact, a full mile long. The booze, he tried to tell himself, hasn't made its way through his system, and thus the reason why he was unable to peel his eyes away.

"Walk me home?" she asked, swaying slightly from exhaustion and a lingering buzz. She'd not intended to get drunk, but Pansy had continued to shove drinks of increasing size and vibrant color, and before she knew it, she'd been trying to pull Pansy into a drunken booty dance in the middle of the floor. As much as she wanted the evening to be memorable for everyone involved, she really hoped that that particular moment didn't make into the mental scrapbook of the night for anyone, least of all herself.

She looped an arm unconsciously around his waist, trying to ignore the part of her mind that purred at the feeling of his tight muscles under her hand. His arm ended up as casually as possible around her shoulders, tucking her into his side. He helped her home, and she helped him inside because he was far too relaxed with the booze and her girl-smell to resist or care, and she wasn't about to let him attempt to Apparate. She made sure he made it to the couch, while she got them some water and a hangover potion to split. He chugged his and managed a strangled,

"You look really nice," before she turned on the Wireless, pushed him back onto the couch, mumbled a thank you, and informed him that he had best not move, because she was extremely sleepy, and she was commandeering him as a pillow. Draco wondered as he stared at the popcorn ceiling, how he'd ended up in this position. Renowned playboy, indescribably wealthy heir, man of mystery and aloofness, completely and hopelessly tangled up in a little female Weasley. He entirely blamed Pansy for this, for his complete inability to say no to Ginny, and for the fact that he was actually reluctant to try and take this any further, lest he royally fuck it up. His mind continued to swirl, but Draco's body gave out not long after Ginny's, and he fell asleep to the sounds of her gentle snoring, and the feeling of her warm body curled on his chest and along his body.


Draco woke to the feeling of a spring digging into his back and the smell of eggs cooking, and an unfamiliar ceiling. Coffee wafted up from somewhere to his right, and a plate and a warm body plunked down next to him.

"Budge over, I'm hungry."

"Ugh, don't you have a table to eat on, Weasley?" he grumbled, pushing himself into a sitting position. She'd folded her legs underneath her, oversized t-shirt doing little to conceal those legs that had haunted his thoughts last night.

"Nope. Now eat your breakfast." He grumbled a little more, but obliged her. Neither mentioned the prior night, though Ginny remembered far more of it than she'd ever wanted to. Including the part where she'd ordered Draco to become her pillow, and then proceeded to drool all over him. She shot him a quick glance to assure herself that she did manage to get all of it cleaned off of his dress shirt. He was focused on his coffee primarily, but she thought that he might also be checking out her legs. She stretched one out experimentally, and was rewarded with a slight widening of his eyes, and his tongue darting out to wet his lips.

Ginny admitted to herself that, at the very moment, there was nothing she wanted more than to continue to sit there on the couch and test this newfound knowledge. She liked the idea that this strange camaraderie they’d built up didn’t have to end with the wedding tomorrow, and that there might be something more than just a shared interest in the welfare of his friend and her brother. However, the clock was steadily inching towards one in the afternoon, and they had a rehearsal and dinner to get to.

“Done?” he asked, interrupting her contemplation, and at her nod, he gathered the dishes and deposited them in the sink. Her heart definitely stuttered to a stop that time at the sight of his golden hair at her sink, moving through her flat like he belonged there. It slammed back into overdrive when he looked back at her, puzzled. “What? Something on my face?”

She grinned, utterly incapable of anything else.

“Is that a bit of drool?”


Ginny was relieved that she’d insisted that pre-wedding partying be done before the eve of the wedding, as judicious application of hangover and Pepper-Up potions made sure that Ron and Pansy were revived and coherent for their rehearsal and dinner, though not for much more than that. She didn’t want to begin to contemplate what the wedding might have been like with two hungover participants—neither of whom were known to be the most gracious of people when suffering the ill effects of a night of boozing.

The ceremony itself went off without a hitch. The bride was resplendent, the groom, as dapper as Ginny had ever seen her brother. Speeches were given and presents presented. Mrs. Weasley cried enough to make up for the fact that Draco was the only family Pansy had in attendance, and the band played until she thought their hands might fall off.

Ginny didn’t know what to expect during the reception, but she knew what she’d hoped. Draco seemed willing to deliver, sending her spinning gleefully across the ballroom several times over. She felt that increasingly familiar stutter of her heart as he grabbed her hand and whispered throatily that he was smitten with her dress, and where had she gotten it? They laughed and danced and shared what she would definitely categorize as smoldering glances until finally, the party began to wind down. Draco and Ginny were the last ones to clear out, making sure that all the guests had gone and all the caterers had been paid appropriately.

“I can’t believe it’s really over,” she murmured. The fall air was brisk enough to make Ginny shiver slightly. She smelled him before she felt the familiar weight of his coat settle around her shoulders.

“ You think you’d learn to bring a coat or something.” She didn’t bother to turn around; she could hear the smirk in his voice.

“You’d be wrong,” she rejoined. “Besides. I find that nothing quite matches my dresses like your blazers.” She glanced over her shoulder, grinning. He was closer than she’d thought he’d be, but she welcomed the warmth of his presence.

“Clearly.” He moved to stand beside her at the railing, shoulders and arms nudging in a way that felt familiar and comfortable and still tingly. It’s his voice that shattered the silence. “You know…this. Tomorrow.” He was floundering in a way that he didn’t think he’d ever done before. “Tomorrow doesn’t have to be the end. Of this.” She tensed for a moment before relaxing again, and slipping a little closer into his side.

“I think,” she took a deep, shuddering breath. “I think that I’d like there to be more of this.” She heard the sound of him clearing his throat faintly.

“What about more of this?” She turned her head, intent on asking him what he meant by that, and was met with a pair of warm lips slanting across her own.

Ginny was no shrinking violet. She’d done her fair share of kissing and hand holding and other, more intensive activities. But she was unprepared for the way that his lips made her toes curl in her heels, or the way that she couldn’t prevent herself from raising up just slightly on her toes to press against him more fiercely. When they pulled away from each other, their breath mingled faintly in the rising moonlight, and his hands were clutched around her arms.

“That?” she managed to say, proud that it wasn’t quite a gasp, though it was a little closer to a moan than she’d wanted.

“Mmhm.” His mouth ghosted across her neck, and it was definitely a moan that escaped her throat this time.

“I suppose I could get used to more of that.” His teeth grazed her bared shoulder, and she attached her lips to his jaw. He made a sound that he’d forever deny was a whimper and pulled back from her slightly.

“Good,” he murmured, brushing lips. “You know. There’s something that I’ve been wanting to tell you all night.”

“Mm?” Her face had taken up residence in his shirt collar.

“That dress looks fantastic. But it would look even better on my floor.” She heaved a sigh and pulled back to look him in the eye.

“Make it my floor, and you have a deal.”

“Witch,” he mumbled in her collarbone.

“Insufferable prig,” she gasped affectionately.

Date: 2010-10-04 04:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You must know that I adore this to itty bitty pieces, right?

It was the perfect amount of buildup, beautifully written and elegantly delivered. I LOVED it.

Date: 2010-10-14 04:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
<3~~ Sorry it's taken so long to get back to life has been eaten by work.

I'm really, really glad that you liked this...this thing like. Came out of nowhere. And then completely took on a life of it's own. Just. Ffff.

Also first time adding in Ron/Pansy, so I'm glad that I didn't mess that up ^_^


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