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Title: The past that haunts us
Fandom: Soul Eater
Characters: Black Star, Tsubaki, incidental Mifune
Rating: T
Warning: Character death, slight AU
Description: He chose no path.

He stares the great stag down, defiant and proud, and something in her breaks and smiles at the gesture that’s just so Black Star.

It’s too late, he says, she says with the weight of her family and centuries behind it. She sees him, standing there, but she also sees him in the great mire, eyes unblinking, quiet and still. She doesn’t know how to react to that stillness. Black Star is never still; it’s against everything that he is.

The mire creeps over him, slowly at first. He doesn’t fight, even though it’s not mire creeping any longer, but the arms of the fallen grabbing him and pulling him down and Tsubaki wants to scream, but she can’t. She’s his weapon, his best friend, but she’s also the Enchanted Sword. She’s Nakatsukasa, and she can’t because he’s failed.

His fingers are the last to disappear reaching up towards her, and when she closes her eyes, she knows what she’ll see. On the great bloody plain, Black Star’s body sinks slowly, his eyes wide and staring. He doesn’t scream, but she sees his lips move, and she knows she’ll always see her name on his lips, too.

And then he’s gone, and she’s on the forest floor, eyes wide and shocked. She can sense the samurai across the clearing, but he’s not her concern right now. Those aren’t tears streaming down her face. She’s a Nakatsukasa. She’s the prodigy, the heir to her family and their techniques and she’s not shaking now. She can’t.

Next to her, Black Star is unnaturally still. She can see no rise of his chest, can feel no puff of breath or hear his strong heart thud under her hand. Any moment she knows he’ll jump up and laugh and shout and she’ll turn back into his weapon and then they will fight the samurai and they’ll win and he’s not moving.

She doesn’t scream. She is a Nakatsukasa. She is a warrior and a fighter and this will not break her, even though she feels like millions of pieces scattering in the wind, and she can’t seem to focus on anything that isn’t the blood soaking his shirt and her hands and seeping into the dirt.

The hand that lands on her shoulders is too warm. She doesn’t bother to look up because Mifune is no threat to them any longer. She can’t even blame him for Black Star’s death because in her soul she knows that she is the one who dealt the final blow.

She stands slowly, shrugging off his hand, and she can feel once more the weight of generations and responsibility and grief drag her back down, but her knees steady, and she is ready for a different burden, one that she never thought she would have to carry.

Failure had never been an option.


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